Dear John~get over yourself


Catching up with the wagon


Dear John,

Guess who called today?  Wells Fargo.  They said they spoke to you earlier.

So what kind of explanation did you give them for not paying the $2770 due on the mortgage?  I was just shocked it wasn’t paid, but apparently they have been calling on a regular basis.  I don’t take calls while I’m in class so I guess they missed me.  I did have a message from they yesterday.

They asked me why it wasn’t paid and I couldn’t give a good reason.  I told them you were taking a vacation and I didn’t realize the mortgage was behind.  I also let them know I didn’t live there, wasn’t allowed in the property and had no intentions of ever living there again.  Oh, and my income is the $185 I get from you every other week.

How can you insist that everything is alright with the house if the mortgage company keeps calling??  You told the judge there was “no problems” with the mortgage.



P.S.  Any clothes with any black magic marker inside will automatically be returned.  I don’t understand Heather’s attempt at trademarking Tesla’s clothes.



  1. Why would a judge trust johns word that the mortgage is ok?? They shoukd have requided proof!

  2. Call Wells Fargo or the next time they call ask them for something called a payment report. They can send you a report that lists every time the mortgage was paid and if it was paid in time. This will be a nice and accurate piece of evidence that will prove not only perjury, but that John lies easily under oath. You can get one that goes back a year or more, there should not be a fee for it.

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