What is going on in Fawn Grove?

Where were you at 1:30 AM? I was sleeping and so was the Cooper Family.

How about 8:20 this morning? I was headed to Spanish Class when traffic came to a complete stop. I could see all the fire engines racing to the scene. Within minutes the entire area in front of me was surrounded by fire engines, police officers and volunteer firefighters. EMS was on scene and people had begun to gather.

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I parked at the CVS on Route 74 and headed towards the center of the scene. The first person I ran into directed me to a police officer he had already spoken to. He walked with me, over to the police car #18 and said to the officer, “She’s with the press, I didn’t think you would mind telling her what’s going on around here.” He indicated more was going on than just what turned out to be a false alarm. ‘Smoke was detected. They called for help and we came.”

They came to help in time of a crisis. A personal crisis that threatened the safety of the people inside the house. And help came. York Township Fire Department, Dallastown Fire Department and more. The people we count on when we have a crisis.

The officer mentioned there had been a home invasion in Fawn Grove. A masked man entered 3 Park Dr with a gun and shot the home owner during a struggle. That is almost unimaginable. The Cooper family had the unimaginable happen. Mr. Cooper is in stable condition.

On another good note, no one was injured and no ones property went up in flames. Breathe a sigh of relief.

Also be thankful no exotic animals were released.

Bullets were cheaper, smarter and the appropriate weapon to use on roaming exotic animals.

Missed Spanish Class,



  1. I don’t think Mr. Cooper would agree with your statement about the bullets.

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