Blue in the face

A self portrait of pain

I’ve been holding my breath for so long.

My skin is shades of blue.

One eye always watching.

My mole now black.

One ear is listening.

My lips sewn shut.

Laced by hemp.

I strain against the binding.

Opening my lips to free the pain.

My head now cleared.

I nurture the thoughts that caused the pain.

My ear is open, my eye never blinks.

I can’t be silenced.

So in my head, I will hold the problem, but no solution.

A copy of your birthday blog.

Sorry it hurt your feelings.

Sorry you feel the need to take me to court over it.

Sorry it was just a picture and I hadn’t actually baked it.

Sorry I didn’t share birthday cake with Tesla on your birthday. 

Sorry it never freaking occurred to me to bake a cake, for your birthday.

It did occur to me to write you a birthday blog.

It didn’t turn out exactly how I planned it.

But it has inspired me artistically.

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Clay, acrylic paint 10/19/2011  NFS




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