Dear John Waaah!

Dear John,

Hey thanks for calling and trying to put me on a guilt trip.  I am so sorry I can’t find Tesla’s dance outfit.  I will look for it as soon as I’m typing this little letter to you; my husband of 6 freaking years now.

So you’re pissed about the 2010 taxes again.  Funny how that payment came to me from your tax returns to catch you up on your arrears.  Now you want me to revise my 2010 taxes?  It is not written in the custody agreement who claims Tesla what years until the most recent document which was decreed after I filed my taxes.

You want me to revise them? Take it up with the government.  Explain to the state that you are pissed because you would have gotten more money back.  I didn’t get much money from the government or from you.   You have moved on in life so get over it.

Don’t whine that you can only afford ONE dance outfit for Tesla.  If that’s the case than maybe you should rethink dance classes.  You and Heather spend money right and left.  You will never be able to stop spending money until you are out of it.

Thanks for hanging up on me.  Had you let me finish I would have said, “Tesla’s lunches are now free so stop hounding me for the $1.90 a day.  The state is now paying for her lunches, along with her health insurance, therapist appointments and food for our home.”  You wrecked our life together, not me.  Make up all the excuses you want, tell your story the way you want.  Sorry, you dumped me.

Over it,



  1. Another Anonymous Friend says:

    Does John know how much money he is wasting on paying attorneys? Perhaps if he gave you a divorce that would be one less bill. You have shown me in many ways that his IQ is pretty low! So sorry for him….NOT!

  2. Who should revise their taxes again? Umm could it be John since his are far from accurate…..HAHA, karma is the BEST BITCH I know. I cannot wait till he is SO broke, my only concern is the gov’t (that is a proper hypenation of the word government Heather..just helping out with your literacy) will take their money first and again Pattie gets shafted by the lying tool.
    Heather, do you know where your boyfriend is???

  3. A lying liar and Little Miss Illiterate could possibly be made for each other since their collective I.Q. is probably hovering around 60.

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