DearJohn XX

Dear John,

I couldn’t help but notice you didn’t make it to gymnastics tonight.  When I didn’t see your truck I guessed Heather had all the kids and you were off somewhere very important.

Tess did great tonight.  Very enthusiastic about gymnastics, but not so enthusiastic about you not taking her.  Actually her exact words were “Daddy made me go with Heather.  I told him I didn’t want to but he said I couldn’t go to his ballgame.”

Way to push Tesla on Heather, or should I say Heather onto Tesla.  Let me spell this out for you, Tesla should come first and yourself second.  Tesla should always come first, over appointments when she is with you, over playing softball, etc.  You don’t want her pulling further away from you, then show her you have TIME for her.

Otherwise, I predict her requesting living with me at some point.  That is, if I don’t get custody this month.  October 26th @ 1:30 Court Room B.

See you there.  I’m sure Heather will be along for the show.




  1. I am very proud of you for taking him to task over this. It is completely ridiculous that he did that and even further, pushed his daughter on someone unfit to properly care for the little girl. Little Miss Illiterate will learn, too late of course, that the man of her dreams is actually an old man on the crapper of life.

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