John’s personal property

Sunday is my birthday.  Sunday is Ying’s birthday.  Sunday will be three long years since my husband filed for divorce.  Wow…3 freaking years and I am still married and see no end in the future.  Whoever said “after 2 years you are automatically divorced” was full of shit.

With my birthday coming up, I’m reminded, I am not getting any younger.  Though, like fine wine, I am getting better.    I feel better about myself.  I think clearer.  I’ve grown smarter and wiser.  I know what I want in my life and it starts with a D.

Three years caught in the divorce process.  I’m not even talking about me, I’m talking about Tesla.  For more than half her life, her father has been putting off divorcing her mother.  Not because there’s a chance of reconciliation, but because her father hopes I fade away, leave quietly, wear down, etc.

That’s not going to happen.  Every night I say a prayer of thanks to God for granting me another day on this earth.  Life is worth living, no matter how bad things seem.

Kick me when I’m down.  Steam roll over me.  Threaten my future.  Humiliate me.  Ruin my finances.  Replace me.

Bitterman, with no hair….I never needed you, but I loved you.  I hope you can never forget that.

For my birthday, I am giving myself a gift.  A very cheap gift compared to the one’s John used to give me, but this gift makes a statement.

I had this done the night before John and I got married back in 2005.  It was supposed to be a surprise the next day.

What was I thinking?!

When I showed it to John the night before we got hitched,  because he insisted on knowing where I had been with his brother Tim…I had to show him…and he said, “Why didn’t you get a ‘John’s personal property’ tattoo?”  I knew at that moment it had been a “bad idea”.

So back to my birthday present this weekend, I want to get “Was” tattooed above it.






  1. Or you could add “not.”. I have a friend who had “sucks” added behind his ex wife’s name.

  2. Well you get it cover with a vine. Considering it is in script it may work to turn it into a vine and add flowers. That is what I would do cuz I would not want his name on me. Glad I didn’t take my ex John up on what he wanted get tattooed on me..pretty much like yours wanted. what is up with that? I swear sometimes you would think they were twins…lmao

    • I was thinking that also, about vines and flowers. Or a tribal….but I don’t have the money to get anything too involved. It’s a $50 minimum just to sit in the chair….

  3. I agree with Deanna. Flowers and vines would work nicely. I wouldn’t keep his name visible on your body.

  4. Get that arrogant piece of shit for a human being’s name off your body. Enlarge the first flower to cover “its” name. Surely, you dont need to look at it, look forward. I am glad you learned from all the “signs” of a controlling, demanding, abusive man. Please learn from that. He is so insecure inside that hard shell pathetic human form with no heart. Better yet, save the $$ and pay for the DIvorce Master, then get the tat to celebrate!!!

    • That is the best idea yet! I’ve had this tattoo since 2005 so what’s a little longer? I think I will have the script turned into more vines like Deanna said and have more roses added. Now that I have a Tesla Rose, I’d like to change the whole meaning of that tattoo. 🙂

  5. I think you should get it turned into a bar code that can be scanned with a smartphone and linked right to your blog!

  6. I would get “Not” above the tattoo tattooed there and “ever again” below it tattooed there. Though the bar code iPhone or smart phone uses to link to certain places on the internet is a winning idea.

  7. Anonymous says:

    He filed for divorce on your birthday? What an ass. Cover up the tat with the vines and roses, as suggested.

    • LOL Yes, on my birthday. He said he didn’t realize it was my birthday until later in the day. Like that’s an excuse. Vines and roses seem to be the winning idea. ~P.

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