Dear Heather VI

Watch for their noses to grow!

Dear Heather,

     This morning I couldn’t help but notice for the second time, you were “home” when I drove across the county to my house and dropped Tesla off for the school bus.  When I asked John what you were doing home if you needed to leave for school at 6:30 AM, he simply replied “That’s only when she has clinicals” as if I should magically know that.

    So let me get this straight, John can’t meet me half way to exchange Tesla because he has to get your children on the bus, BUT only when you have clinicals.  It’s funny, not in the haha way, that neither of you volunteered how often you actually leave at 6:30 AM.  You and John both led me to believe you left for school every day at that time and now I find out you’re both lying once again.  Why doesn’t that surprise me?

   If you are so concerned about what’s best for Tesla, why would the two of you lie right to my face about John’s availability to meet me halfway and exchange Tesla?  The more I learn about you, the more I realize you and John are perfect for each other.  I could never pull off the expert lying the two of you have perfected as a couple.  There should be a contest for liar couples!   Maybe you don’t think of it as lying, but stretching the truth or just telling a half truth.  Either way, in my book it’s lying and when this all goes to court and the lying starts on the stand, a judge will see right through the both of you.

You can lie now, but the truth will come out eventually.





  1. While selfishness is a natural human survival mechanism, there are people who extend it beyond that and into personality traits. I find this behavior to be immature as most mature adults lastly experienced selfishness negatively in kindergarten. Little Miss Illiterate, who obviously does not overwork herself in clinicals, exclusively fails to compromise fairly and due to this and many other examples; that does make one a poor parent to guide children to become responsible and mature adults.

  2. Friend from past says:

    Clinicals with HACC are two days a week, classes are the other days. 1st year nursing students (last year at least) had class at like 9 am, and other ‘grades’ are later. Just thought you’ld like some input….

    • Thank you for your comment Friend. I knew this morning, when I saw her van in the driveway for the second time, they were just making my life more difficult. Me thinks, they thinks I will eventually just give in if they make it difficult enough. Little do they know, I will never lay down and allow John to steamroll over me. I don’t know where she goes to school or what she is even going for. I thought Heather’s classes must be held in Philadelphia, if she needed to leave that early. 🙂 ~P.

  3. If she’s got clinicals, she’s either in nursing school or physician’s assist. school. EMT’s and Medics don’t do least that’s not the language that we use. So, it seems to me that the lying has begun, and they clearly do not know who they are messing with! Love you!

  4. Consider taking Tesla to school and picking her up as a car rider.

    • My class on Tues and Thurs start before I can drop her off and end after her school lets out, otherwise I would. Had she started kindergarten at West York, she would have rode to and from school on the daycare bus. I will be keeping this in mind when I schedule my classes for next term. 🙂

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