Dear Heather IV

Dear Heather,

  Let’s take some of your comments piece by piece so I can respond properly.

 Was it not you and John that had an affair, was it not you that was engaged to a married man that was still living with his WIFE, was it not you Pattie that pushed another women out of HER own home that SHE build and OWNED!!!

   When I met John I didn’t know he was married.  He didn’t volunteer that information and I actually found out by accident.  I met his wife at Sam Lewis Park about a week after I met John.  I had no idea he had this mad plan in his head to move me and my sons into the house with his wife, step-son and his best friend, Craig.  When he proposed this ridiculous idea, both Diane and I looked at him like he was insane. 

   Now fast forward a little.  There’s only so much I want to write in my blog.  You see Heather, it’s just so bizarre that I have to save it for the book.  

  Diane is living at her sisters and John has packed up what he decided she should take with her.  He effectively moved her out in about a day and immediately pushed for me to move in.  I was caught up in a whirlwind and had no control over what John did.  His actions were reckless and not well thought out but I accepted that he was distraught over the stress of accepting his marriage was over.  He even had me read letters Diane had written him that were proof enough to me that their marriage was already over and it had nothing to do with me.

  Because I am not a judgemental person, I stuck by his side and I fell in love with him, fast and hard.  No one could talk me out of wanting to be with John and he was assertive in wanting me by his side at all times.  Later in life I realized that all this should have been warning signs but I just missed them.   

  John bought Diane and Todd (who was not a child but actually in his 20’s) a mobile home (with cash) and Craig, Diane and Todd all moved there.  John moved my boys and I out of my house in Red Lion into his house in Windsor.  When my sons and I moved in, Diane already had a new home.  She signed off on the house and John and I mortgaged it together because we had to.  He could not mortgage the house without my income. 

Have you said I’m sorry to Johns step-son and ex-wife and meant it?

Actually I have told Diane I was sorry for helping John steam roll over her during the divorce.  We don’t have bad feelings towards each other because she is happy they divorced.  Imagine that?!

The fact is John is SINGLE and has been single for 3 years.

John may act like he is single but trust me, he is married.  Even when we were trying to work things out he was still knocking boots with other people.  John and SINGLE will never exist because he can not handle being single.

You have lived with boyfriends and have a man that lives at your home now.

Wrong….I have never lived with boyfriends and there is not a man who lives in my home now.  Just because his name is on the lease and we would LIKE to live together does not mean he lives here.  Dale visits often but does not live with us….yet.

I am happy for you Heather and I’m glad you could care less about money.  That will make it much easier for you when the divorce does take place.  If I have to pay my lawyer to force John to move forward with the divorce, I will.  It’s just that I don’t have any money sitting around to use right now.

Congratulations on having full custody of your children.  If it were up to Tesla and I, she would live with her momma also!  

This letter is much longer than I normally like to write.  Really, I didn’t even get to comment on all your comments but this is good enough for now.  I see you have an ex-friend who doesn’t mind bringing up your past.  My past is an open book….you’ll be able to buy it one day.  Heck, I’ll even sign it for ya!  I am not ashamed or scared to write about my past, nor would I change it. 

 I have yet to meet one,ONE person that knew Pattie and John during there marriage that has a GOOD thing to say about her (including her father and mother).

Please girlfriend….I don’t believe that for one second and neither will anyone else who reads my blogs.  My dad and I might bang heads often but he is not going to bad-mouth me and my mom has a multitude of good things to say about me.  I am her number one go to when she needs anything.  Don’t you find it strange that John has little to no contact with his family?  John’s mom doesn’t even know Tesla.  Why? Because she doesn’t want to have to deal with John.  How sad is that?!

Just touching on a few of your comments,


P.S.  Wrecker is spelled with a W.

P.S.S.  Are you and John engaged?  How exciting!!!


  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s my understanding that the engagement ring was the ex-fiance’s……..

    • OMG! Way to recycle jewelry John! He had to threaten to sue Kelly to get the ring back! My engagement ring and wedding band disappeared one day while I was at work…

  2. mommy17406 says:

    As I understand it unless a ring is a family don’t have to return it. I haven’t met john but I can say Pattie that I have always thought you were a nice person. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been friends w you in high school..I think when two people go through a divorce new significant others need to stay out of the drama..just my personal opinion..

  3. Another Anonymous Freind says:

    Oops please forgive me I do know how to spell anonymous — it was simply a typo. Please forgive me for those out there that like to correct peoples errors LOL!

  4. Another Anonymous Friend says:

    Pattie has every right to have this blog. The definition of a blog is “A website on which an individual or group of users record opinons, information or commentary, etc on a regular basis”. The key word here is “opionions”. Pattie has every right under the sun to have an opinion about any person, place or thing she wants to have one about. It is called freedom of speech people. If some of you out there can’t take the heat then don’t read the blog — simple as that.

    Go Go Girlboxer!!! You opinon is your own but YOU CAN share it with the world! NO one is holding your back from that.

  5. Atta girl, Pattie. (((High five)))

  6. I think John is sitting back, enjoying you two fight over and about him 🙂

    • Oh, there is no fighting over him. She can have him. Yeah it hurts because I loved him, but I realize now our relationship was doomed from day one. In some weird twisted way, I am sure he is enjoying it. Just like in his weird twisted way, he did love me.

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