A day in court

Just when I think the worst is over, I’m wrong.  WRONG!  WRONG! WRONG!

Court today was incredibly stressful as I was run through the gamut.  The proceedings  were certainly lively as Judge Dorney spent a lot of time yelling at John Ott, John Delauter and John’s lawyer, Lauren Kearney.  At one point she threatened to find John’s lawyer in contempt if she didn’t move on to the point at hand.

Basically, because I moved to West York and couldn’t give 90 days notice, I was in contempt.  I didn’t drag him into court every time he had someone move into our house with him.  I didn’t drag him into court when he was living with Kelly and refused to give me the address.  And finally, I didn’t drag him into court when he moved Heather into our house with her children.  Maybe I should have….

In the judges closing statement she said something like “If this were to be decided by a parents attitude, Mr. Delauter would lose.  He has a bad attitude.”  Everyone there already knew that fact.

Who wants to live with someone that has a bad attitude? 


Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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