Custody Court

Tomorrow is another custody hearing, this time before a judge.  I really hope this wraps things up, but I don’t see a quick end.  Tesla is ready to start school and I know she will do well.  It’s just hung up right now with all these custody disputes.

I have valid points for why Tesla should live with me.  The first being is she wants to live with me.  Life at mom’s is a calmer atmosphere.  Tesla looks up to her mom as I take on new challenges at college.  We do our “homework” together and she thinks it’s fun.  🙂

God has a plan for me and I’m trying to work it out everyday of my life.  I trust God won’t let me fall flat on my face.  Each day can be a challenge and I take it on with great gusto and don’t look back, other than to write about it.

If you pray, please add me to your prayer list.  I believe God answers prayers and watches over his faithful.

Bless you and yours,



  1. Anonymous says:

    Hoping God hears your prayers so you can have your little girl with you

  2. I pray that Tes get’s to stay with her wonderful mom. Good luck! Love ya girl.

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