Dear Heather II

Dear Heather,

    We were overdue for a short note.  I haven’t written in a while and I apologize.  You have started to grow on me and not in the fungus kind of way that may sound.  On Saturday I had Tesla so you and John could attend those parenting classes, Kids First.  What did you think? 

    I’m growing curious about you I guess, as time drags on with this divorce.  John says you two met in January of this year.  I think it was more like February but he may have been dating several people at once.  If you are really going to stick around, long term in my daughter’s life I would like to know more about you.  We chit chat and are at least on speaking terms now.  Friday night Tesla and I made brownies and I sent two in one package for you and John and Tess had her own package.  John said he ate his, did you enjoy yours?  Ying actually ate John’s first brownie and I had to wrap up another special one for him for Tesla.

   Anyway, back to getting to know each other as we both spend with my daughter.  I seriously am working on knowing all your children through my daughter and the little things Tesla and your girls make.  Tesla for the most part enjoys their company.  She also enjoys daycare and now these gymnastic lessons John is taking all our daughters to. 

   Let me ask you Heather, aren’t you ready for this divorce to just be over?  Are you ready to get on with your life, even get married to my husband?  I know I’ve met someone I really enjoy spending time with and I want to move on with my life.  Or are you ok with this divorce limbo situation because you’re living in my house, enjoying the fruits of my business?

   Probably see you tomorrow,




  1. Anonymous says:

    you get’em tiger

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