Subpoena- the usual writ for the summoning of witnesses or the submission of evidence, as records or documents, before a court or other deliberative body.

I hear people are getting subpoenas to my custody hearing.  I find it strange that one person who is being summoned only knew me for about a month and a half.  This should really be interesting.  What he can say that has any relevance to me as a fit mother?

So I’m thinking, who should I have come testify on my behalf?  My sister Suz, my son Jarrid or Zeth, my parents, relatives, friends, etc.  Who should I consider to subpoena as to the character of my daughter’s father?  John’s first wife?  Numerous girlfriends?  His family?  Our employees, old and current?

Will people lie on the stand?  It’s happened in the past…

Waiting for court,



  1. Supeona me.

Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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