Cellphone Mad Lib

With the help of my friends, Mark and Kristin Hoke, Deanna Maruski, Aaron Laird, Sue Crider, Zeth Bonawitz, Sam Coeyman, Arden Haines, Dawn Wolf and Scott Zirkle, I created this blog.  These are the word choices they texted me.  See if you can tell what many of them had on their minds…..

It was a wild vagina in Nashville.

The engorged penis blows hot baby oil.

A capricious enchilada is slowly running.

A big truck on Ski Round Top is quickly bleeding.

Rutter’s wistfully has fast driving cock.

My motorcycle is sluggishly exfoliated and sleeping.

The car and house were attacked by Godzilla with sex and a bong.




Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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