Yearbook to Facebook finds 1989: McNew, Laird and Fieldhouse

Still having fun looking through my yearbook at Dover Highschool.  I currently have the 1986 year opened.  My friend Mike McNew stood out among the photos.  His 1986 photo is showing his respect for following the rules on the school bus.  He used this as the background for where he wrote to me:

Rule breaker


To a real cute girl I met a while back.  Best of luck in the future with whatever you do and who you do it with.

Mike “89”

Go Team! Mike McNew


That was so damn sweet of you back in 1986!  Calling me cute and everything!  It’s no wonder, because you are a nice guy.  We had a blast in highschool!  I’m kind of reliving it through college with kids 20 years younger than me.  Sadly I haven’t seen you recently and even sadder is the last time I did, it was at your sweetheart brother’s funeral.  Kelly was a cool guy and I’m sorry you lost your brother. Good memories from shop classes and Vo-Ag.  One that sticks in my head that’s weird….Gary Lightner sneaking up to the wood storage area, alone….



Aaron Laird who was a grade ahead of me, wrote this:


To a very sweet girl I’ve known all my life.  Keep up the good personality and don’t change for anyone.

Love ya,



Dear Aaron,

First let me say, you knew all the way back in 1986 how to spell my name correctly.  Bonus points for that kind of shit!  What you wrote is perfect, sweet and now my rule of thumb.  It’s great we are still close friends.  I enjoy talking with you and riding our cycles.  We really do go back as friends.  All our lives is really true and it’s nice to have friends that didn’t want me to change.  Thank you for the dance at school and come visit me now that I’ve moved again!  No, I’m not going to kiss you under the hangers in my closet or clean your house in a duck costume.  LMAO



Winding up this round of blogs is or as people called her in highschool and at church, “Mich or Chelle” Do you still hate your first name so much?  I remember you just not liking it.  You always dotted the i with a little bubble or heart.  Patricia has grown on me, but I prefer Pattie.  If I remember correctly, I called you “Mad.”  LOL  Here’s what Michelle wrote:

Michelle still looking like a doll on her wedding day.

Pattie,  (bonus points!)

To a really strange chic.  Hope we’re friends forever darling.  Good Luck with Greg.  Wouldn’t you like to alfalfa him w/ him? OF COURSE!!  Silly question!





Dear Michelle,

Ok, who is Greg?  I’m thinking Greg Shaffer.  Or was his name Craig?  He was my neighbor off of Rohler’s Church Road and I really had a thing for him.  Other than him trying to yank my tank top down, he had no interest in “seeing” me.  (I scratched his arms up real bad once.  When he mom called and asked me why, suddently he was in trouble.)  Yes, I wanted to “alfalfa him!”  Do you remember what that was?  I do! LOL

You called me strange.  Thanks, I knew that back then too.  I grow on people….sometimes as a fungus.  You were a little out there too though.  You, Pam Schrum and I were tight friends.  I remember your mom and dad, especially your mom being our preacher.  How funny is that?  Do you still go to McDonald’s on Thanksgiving for chicken nuggets?   I thought that was so damn funny.  So much less work too!

Who was Mark?  I’m thinking Eckenrode?

Talk to you later Darling,


Coming up in my Yearbook to Facebook finds 1989.  Will be writing to you soon!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    omg i remember greg schaffer….what an ass. all he ever tried to do is yank down or pull up some kind of clothing of

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