Yearbook to Facebook finds 1989: Charles, Marwine & Murray

This edition didn't exsist in 1989

Plan Time: 2:47 PM

Get the yearbooks from highschool and see who all I can find that signed my yearbooks.  Contact or friend anyone I find.  See who responds.  Sounds fun, much better than math.

3:21 PM

Wow….I was a social butterfly.

Starting with the first name I know and recognize, even without her last name signed is  or Beth Charles.  She writes:


To a good friend a got to know way back in 6th grade.  Good luck in all you do, you’ll go far.  But don’t remember all the boring times in science.



Beth….you have such beautiful handwriting.  You also played the piano and lived on a farm.  I don’t remember much about science class but I do remember running to the stream to catch tadpoles behind your house.  I even remember catching them for a “scavengers list” game at your birthday party…..nice memories.  Your parents were so kind made me feel welcome when I visited.


Pattie  Traci Murray wrote:


To a really good friend I met in band.  Never forget all the good times with the band and in Ag.  You better remember Todd Marwine and all his crazy doings.  Good luck with that special someone (even if it is Mike!)  Catch ya next year.

Love ya (DNQ)

“Spunky” aka Traci

Dear Traci,

Yes, that Todd Marwine was a crazy one.  What I remember most is hanging out at your house.  Especially after homecoming and watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre followed by a dip in the pool.  I’m glad that we still talk often.  You were a great person in highschool and you still are!  Will you ever get another rat and name it Critter after me?

Here’s a little note you wrote about Todd in my yearbook.  Did he really have to look up at me during the FFA picture?

Todd...take a picture already!



This was fun.  I will keep picking people out of my yearbook and writing to them!

I miss high school,


4:23 PM

Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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