Math, M&Ms and more

How to calculate in chocolate

Done!  Done!  Done!

Just finished up my math homework.  My professor lent me his extra calculator this afternoon.  How kind is that?!  I had one that someone else had bought me, but that one wasn’t “scientific” enough to handle these advanced math problems.  I decided to use M&Ms to calculate but that didn’t last long.  Too Tempting!

A friend brought me the M&M’s yesterday, the ones with pretzels inside.  They are pretty damn good.  On a completely different note,  I’m currently experiencing gas problems. (Not to be confused with the gas on the first day I blogged at )  Columbia Gas was called on Thursday about my gas needs.  What do they say?  They can have it hooked up in a week.  A week?

It has been less than 3 days since I moved here and I am over the cold showers and stove that just won’t light.  It is hot out, but straight cold showers over the past 3 days SUCKS!  My entire body gets covered in goosebumps and I try to not bite myself as I shiver.  Forget about shaving!  I could die a slow death from all the nick marks on my legs!

Just half an hour and I leave to get Tesla.  I miss her so much!  Of course there’s always that feeling I get when I have to drive to my old house to pick her up. ( )  Tesla is worth driving to my old home, talking to John, talking to John’s girlfriend, rarely seeing my dog I couldn’t take, Vic.

Everything I do is to improve my life for my daughter’s sake.

TT time soon!


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