Itty bitty nonexistent feelings

So much for freedom of speech

Went to court on Monday and of course, nothing was accomplished.  Now the mediator is telling John and I that if we can’t decide on Tesla’s school on our own, a judge will decide.  If a judge doesn’t hear our case prior to school starting, Tesla won’t start kindergarten.  John gave me “the look” and rolled his eyes like I am causing all this drama.  If Tesla wanted to go to kindergarten and live in our house with her father and his girlfriend (and 4 other children) she would say so.

John’s lawyer had print out of my blog (I guess she could be a daily reader also!)  Her first example was my birthday wish for the future ex.  The mediator didn’t see the humor in the middle finger cake.  Ironic as I didn’t see humor in being called a “horrible fucking mother” and a “fucking bitch” in front of my daughter and sons.  I can’t copy and paste a middle finger cake into a blog, but he can call me whatever he wants as long as no one hears him.

My lawyer and I are strategically planning our counter suit.  In the meantime, I will no longer call John any of my awesome, well thought out nicknames.   Suddenly I’m hurting his itty-bitty, non-existent feelings.  Guess his skin isn’t as thick as he thought it was because at one time, he didn’t give a damn what I was going to write about.  If the blog is upsetting him…..what’s the book going to do?!?

Back to studying my Spanglish….this summer class will never end!




Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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