court again this month

Well, I’m charged with contempt again.  John is dragging me into court with a laundry list of complaints against me.  Yesterday when I asked him about it he said “I didn’t even know about it.  My lawyer must have filed it.”  Yeah, ok John.

So what are the charges?

1.  I didn’t tell him where I was moving to or my new phone number.

Actually, I did tell him I was moving.  In fact my dad told him I was going to be moving because my parents were selling the house.  John knew I was looking at apartments well before I found my current home.  Also, my phone number never changed.

Prior to moving in, on Wednesday, May 25th John asked to pick up Tesla early.  I told him I was at the house Tess and I would be moving to and he was welcome to pick her up and see where we would be living.  He came and picked her up so obviously he knew where I was going to be living with Tesla.

2.Mother has established a blog on which she violates the stipulated order “take all measures deemed advisable to foster a feeling of affection between the child and other party.  In direct violation of this provision, she continues to post insults, negative comments and inappropriate statements about Father for the public to view and comment on, including people that have direct interaction with the child.”

Tesla isn’t reading my blog.  No one is reading it to her.  The dramatic change in Tesla’s demeanor, personality and attitude towards her father is because Tesla is catching on to the type of person her father is.  What I’m blogging about is the truth and he can blog about his point if he would like!

3. Mother may be residing with a third party that Mother only recently met on Craigs list.

He has met my room mate.  I told John he can see where we live (just John and not the whole circus.)  Funny how where I move is under a microscope, yet he can move anyone into our home and I am not to question it.

4. Father believes it is in the child’s best interest to be enrolled in the school district where he resides, as he has more flexibility with his job to be available and flexible in transporting the child to and from school and other activities.

This is a man who lives on his cell phone and at a moments notice will have to run out the door for some issue concerning the business.  He has no problem using Tesla’s daycare when he doesn’t have anyone to watch Tesla.  I go to school in the late morning and I’m done in the early afternoon.  I am ALWAYS available to my daughter.

5. Mother has failed to communicate with Father regarding important information concerning the child and has potentially placed the child in danger by moving into a residence with someone she recently met on Craigslist.

My room mate is an upstanding member of the community.  He has friends high on the food chain in Pennsylvania.  He is a widower and retired from serving our country.  I don’t get in his business and I’m trying to keep him from being forced into my business.  Unfortunately, the future ex is hell bent on making life difficult.

Will this actually go to court….who knows.  Does he actually have anything that can be held against me….hell no.  Am I ready to point out all his character flaws….hell yeah!



  1. We all know John is a sociopath, psycho and possessive moron. Poor child is just another possession he wants to control

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