Eastern or WY?

Will eat an East York Knight for a snack

Now that I have a place to live, a custody battle will be the next war.  It never dawned on me that the divorce would be dragged out from the time Tesla was 2 and a half, to the age she starts kindergarten.  John has her registered at Eastern and I, in West York.  Both are good school districts sooooo…that being the case, I am ready for a judge to decide where Tesla will reside.  I have nothing to hide and actually hope a judge making the decision will push the divorce forward.

At this point, the mortgage for John and my house is so far behind, short of an act of God, I see no way of digging out.  I don’t care how many times John says “business is picking up” it’s not going to make a difference.  Maybe if God sends a tornado the business could actually be picked up, other than that, I see no hope.

Now if business does pick up that means John’s income increases, correct?  That’s how it should work, but in the world of self employment, one can easily manipulate the books to make it appear things are still slow or other costs are high.  Just cash those checks and pay the employees under the table and “presto” no income change.  Another instant income reducer, write of your divorce fees as business related and gross income drops $10,000.00.  Domestics takes whatever numbers are thrown infront of them, even when they don’t make sense or add up.   Bookkeeping was a huge issue in the running of our business and will be a huge issue in divorce court.  (If he risks taking it that far)

At some point, won’t the government question how the books are kept?  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out things are a bit shady.  Meanwhile, my accountant is STILL waiting for the lawyer requested financial statements and Quickbooks program.  Guess that legal move of subpoenaing documents for court will come in handy!

Now if it will make it to court before the house is foreclosed on is the question….

Never gonna give up or in as long as I’m still breathing!!


Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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