Warning: Locator News Inc

Locator News Inc is located in West Chester, PA and advertises as a referral service of apartments for rent.  Their website is weneedtomove.  Once you join their service the obvious becomes clear….It is a SCAM!!!  For $196 they guarantee the purchaser will find an apartment to rent in 90 days or less.  Now that they have my money, I realize their service is just a list of apartments already advertised on the internet, Craig’s list and local newspapers.  To make matters worse, they are not affiliated with any apartment complexes or landlords AND the information on their apartment lists is incorrect.  Multiple listings had the wrong rent amount, were outdated or listed pets accepted when they were not.

Don’t get scammed….anything they have on their lists they took from a REAL apartment complex or landlord’s ad!  Now I regret not reading the fine print that covers their ass.  I went to my bank but there was no getting my money back.  I learned….and I hope this gives fair warning to anyone else who comes across their stolen ads!



  1. Yes, my friend Michelle got the same result when she was moving. She fought for a month and never got her money back either. I guess we all have to do our own leg work. I think I can trust the employment agencies to get a job. It is my last resort. Damn it is hot out!! Happy Memorial Day doll.

  2. YES!!! THIS IS A SCAM!!! I agree with the article above 100%. Locator News Inc promised me to help find an appartment. I went to preview some of those apartments listed by them and they had holes in the outside doors, cracks in the windows, etc.
    Save yourself time and money and stay away from Locator News Inc.

  3. Anonymous says:

    yep my daughter got scammed did anyoone ever get there money back caan’t we contact the attorney generals of ffice or something?

    • I tried through my bank but they Locator News Inc has their asses covered. I can’t believe (now….after the fact) that I didn’t look into the company closer before giving them my money. I was just so rushed into finding an apartment that their logic sounded good. It is certainly a good example of making logic into a scam. Even the name of the company gives it away if you think about it. Locater News….they just give you all the news ads in one place. Thank you for your comment! ~P.

  4. I used this service and found two very good and recent listings. The landlord told me he only lists with them for all of his rentals. We got into the one we wanted and had no issues. Everyone seemed very helpful.

  5. Thank you! I advertised to rent the lower level of my home on Craigslist and a woman from this number called me today. I am so glad I googled the phone number and I will not be calling her back!

  6. Yeah i agree it’s a scam, they really don’t help you at all. You receive listing that you could find elsewhere. It’ not as simple as they claim it to be you have to scroll through all the listing,which they dont’t change from day to day. Also the person i talked to contradicted hisself a few times and i called he out on it. I did get a bad feeling from the very beginning, but i was desperate to find a place asap.What did i pay them money for anywhere to do what?

  7. maureen zeno says:

    another thing they do is advertise apts,houses etc that dont even exsist.i called after i joined about a new listing but it didnt show up on my list well they told me those are set up to pop up every so often. I was like wow thats a big scam. I called news 8 and they said they use to be around years ago and indeed a scam they did know they were advertising again. I was wondering why dont we all call news 8 on your side or the attorney general maybe with all of us maybe we can suceed

    • That’s not a bad idea. I tried hard to get my money back but their contract was solid. I don’t agree to anything without google checking it now. Let me know if you pursue this. I’m willing to speak up.

  8. Ok I’ll give you all this.. The interface is a little outdated, it could and should be more interactive. If you use it, it does work. I have to large dogs and had no luck on my own but was able to find a place through them. I worked with Wayne and he made it clear that the only way it would work is if I looked at the updated information as often as possible. I looked three times a day, why wouldn’t I, I payed for it. The landlord was happy to hear from me. He said it saved him a ton of time. He knew I was calling because I knew his property met my needs.

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