Duh Ying


       My mom made beef vegetable soup today and it was delicious.  I set my half eaten bowl of soup down and went up stairs to get a drink.  While pouring my ice-cold glass of milk I heard Ying begin to yelp.  Immediately I knew he was in pain and I bolted downstairs.  Tesla was still downstairs playing with her Dora the Explorer cards.  When I reached the bottom of the steps I said “What did you do to hurt Ying?!”  She responded with her eyes wide open, “It wasn’t me, he tried to eat your soup!”  I had set the soup bowl on top of the pellet stove to keep it warm.  Little to warm for the paws eh?   Duh Ying!!   ~p.


  1. Auntie J says:

    I hate that little stinkin dog! LOL Auntie J

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