Squirrel Attack!


They just SEEM friendly!

The squirrels on YCP campus are so funny to watch.  One came right up to me today while I was sitting outside the library.  I threw him a pineapple chunk which he turned his nose up at.  The only other thing I had was a bag of mini chocolate chip cookies.  He snatched up the crumbs I tossed him, holding them in his tiny little paws.  He was just so cute and next thing I know he was sitting on the ground beside my foot waiting for more.  I reached down with a piece and he took it out of my fingers with his teeth.  Now that entertaining to me.  I broke a cookie in half and held it out to him.  With enthusiasm I was not prepared for, he leaped onto my hand and snatched that delicious morsel with his teeth. 

I need YCP to post signs so I can learn what I clearly missed in kindergarten.

Attention Moron: Do not hand feed the squirrels. They are wild animals with no manners. 

Theres proof of squirrel gratitude!

 No love from the squirrels ~P

Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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