Not horsing around

Wells Fargo Home Equity Solutions sent me a very sincere letter apologizing for the denial of a home equity modification I applied for.

Holy shit!  I didn’t even know I was applying for a home equity modification!  What the hell is Jhole trying to do now?

According to Beverly, Wells based this denial on the following reason: Based on their review of the current financial documentation you provided, your current income is unable to support a modified payment of the existing account at this time.

I’d claim to be surprised, except I was just at domestics with the hubby.  He boo-hooed about how bad business has been and the documentation he provided backed it up.  I wonder how well documentation will stand up during an audit?  Hmmm,  I really question some figures for the business he provided to domestics. 

 If your situation ever changes, we may be able to reconsider qualifying you for a modification.

I just don’t see this situation changing.  I hate to be negative but, if the first mortgage is 4 months behind, is there a possibility of ever qualifying?  Besides, I don’t want to remortgage! 

If there is a change in your employment or income, please call us right away…

Dear Beverly at Wells Fargo Bank,

   Please do not hold your breath for this call.  While your hours of service offer incredible opportunities to give you a ring, there is no money in my pocket going jing-a-ling-ling.

Pitifully indebted to you,


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