Seriously, court AGAIN

The check isn't in the mail...

So court this morning was just to determine if there would actually be a hearing for contempt.  My lawyer pointed out (in my absence) that any female, including John’s girlfriend could have called and made the address change.  I KNOW it wasn’t me, but John insists on continuing with this so now it’s scheduled for next Tuesday.  Even Judge Ness told him he would have a hard time proving that it was me!

After school I went to the post office in Windsor.  The clerk explained to me that she told John this morning what happened with the mail being changed automatically in Harrisburg, at the request of Yellowbook.  The clerk said she would get the post master, Sandy to come out and talk to me.  When she went back, I could hear the postmaster say she “didn’t want to hear anymore about it.”  Apparently things did not go well this morning when John stopped in.  The clerk told her it was Mrs. Delauter (gag me) and she came out and nicely told me the same thing the clerk told me and obviously the same thing they told John.  Automatic address change request on behalf of Yellowbook.  The post master and clerk both said “you husband didn’t seem to get what we were telling him.”

That is clear as he is continuing this Yellowbook drama….


Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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