The domestic difference

The support hearing came and passed.  Domestics lowered my support to about half of what I was receiving and my claiming of Tesla for 2010 taxes is in question. 

 Our business is failing miserably but there is nothing I can do not that I’m on the outside looking in  At one point, it felt like everyone was calling to be moved but the economy just sucks.  The moving business just doesn’t pay the bills. 

(Though it was a very nice, new ring John was wearing on his wedding finger at the hearing.  Perhaps a material object to show his devotion to the new love of his life.)

With the mortgages in the toilet, loans left unpaid, child support lowered….shouldn’t a rational person stop and just think over whether owning a moving company is sensible.  If people can’t afford their homes and are losing them to the banks, they are not going to have the money for a mover.  The cost of running a moving company is outrageous.  A gross of about $150,000 is reduced to a net income of about $28,000 after expenses. 

A rational person would realize there’s no money in this business anymore.  It’s not going to support the lifestyle one has grown accustomed to.  I understand that and feel strongly that continuing to let debt fall behind into collections will not be beneficial to anyone.

Just my opinion….if a ship is sinking, do something!  The communication during the divorce is dismal.  I’ve been told bankruptcy will be filed, then I was told not.  As far behind as everything is and all lines of credit maxed out, I only see the ship going down. 

This failed marriage is extremely difficult for me.  While the love I once had is long gone,  the disappointment  and emotional scars are still fresh.  Until the divorce is completed and custody established, I will still feel that pain.  The good thing about having these feelings is it reminds me I am alive.  If I’m alive, I will continue getting through everyday and never give up. 


Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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