Delauter/Crider Domestics tomorrow

Great….Monday at York County Courthouse. What a pain in the ass just finding parking in York City, then going through the security check and to top it off losing the remainder of Monday with Tesla.   Because I have to go to domestics and repeat for the fourth time that: I live in my parent’s basement, I am a full-time student at York College and I have no income because Mr. Delauter has not been paying what the court has instructed him to pay.  Even though he’s not paying, he’s taking ME to domestics. 

Tomorrow is for his plea to domestics that his support obligations should be dismissed or diminished due to his income reduction.  Business is slow, I’m told.    The only change in my life is I’ve been using my student loan funds to survive.  I see no way domestic is going to change the support orders, but who really knows.

Somehow I survive all this bullshit and drama.  All the court dates, lawyer fees, new girlfriends, new people moving in.  Is a girlfriend with four kids going to SAVE Mr. Delauter money?  I don’t see why the hell she would want to move in with a man who is soooo broke the house is foreclosure, the car has been repossessed, the timeshare is in foreclosure, the line of credit is behind, second mortgage is behind, credit cards were never paid, he can’t pay his own child support or alimony to the woman he is STILL married to… goes on and on and on. 

Not that his lifestyle will reflect what a financial mess our current situation is.  I am already receiving state assistance, I have nothing left to lose but my child and this meeting has NOTHING to do with custody, nor do I really think he will get majority custody when Tesla starts school.

I imagine tomorrow will go something like this:

Mr. Delauter: I shouldn’t have to pay support because my business is not making enough money (not that he has looked for a job.)  Pattie claimed Tesla on her taxes last year and it wasn’t her turn.

Domestic:  Mr. Delauter, the filing of taxes makes no difference.  You are instructed by the court to pay your support obligations.

Mr. Delauter: But it wasn’t Pattie’s turn to claim Tesla!

Domestics: Again, that makes no difference.

Mr. Delauter: But now I owe money to the IRS and I am broke, even though I seem to afford eating out, my truck payments, clubbing with my new woman, moving her and her four kids in because I know, this one is it.  SHE is my soulmate…  I love her kids just as much as I love Tesla and I want to  have Tesla all the time because I am what’s best for her and it doesn’t matter what Tesla thinks.  Yes, Pattie is a good mom, but I am so self-centered and greedy that I want Tesla all the time and don’t want to pay child support or alimony, even though I haven’t divorced Pattie yet.  I am holding off on that divorce issue as long as possible so I can convince my new girlfriend how wonderful I am.  Once I know she is in my hooks, I will find a way to get her to help me buy Pattie and my house so I don’t have to sell it.  Pattie seems to have made up her mind.  She doesn’t want to agree to settlement payments.  She says it’s because she’s “not going to be taken advantage of by a big asshole like me”.  I would make the payments.  Really, I would.  Don’t pay any attention to my past record of refusing to pay and letting Pattie’s Mercedes be repoed while I went out and bought a new truck.  Yes, I knew I didn’t have the money to afford it, but what the fuck, I am “the man” and I will do as I please!

Domestic: Pay your support orders, Mr. Delauter.  Your hearing with the enforcement officer is April 1st.  You’ll be a fool to miss it.



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