Gossip….why my husband filed for divorce.

I’m at my neighbors house and my second cousin happened to stop by.  We were on the porch shooting the breeze and he asked how things were going with my divorce.  I told him things were going very slowly.  A few other people happened to be on the porch and when the topic of the entire group switched to the subject of divorce, all eyes were on me.  I said, “not many people know why John and I are getting a divorce.”

  My cousin says “I know why.  Someone told me.” 

I was all ears to hear what this juicy piece of gossip could be.  I know why we are in the process of divorce, but couldn’t wait to hear from a distant cousin what others thought.

 “You’re not going to get mad are you?” he asked me.  ”

Hell no!”  I said.  “Just tell me already!”

“Well, I was told that John caught you in bed with the nanny.”  He confessed.

I couldn’t stop laughing.  Good thing I didn’t need to pee!  That was the funniest one yet on why I’m in this crazy divorce process.  I called the nanny and told her.  She thought it was even funnier than I did. 

Unless we were actually sleeping, I promise you, I was not in bed with the nanny.

(endnote: that probably would have earned me a gift of jewelry not a divorce suit…. if it HAD happened!)


  1. kristin says:

    so if ur doin the nanny, he’s bangin the butler, right? Haha

  2. Leslie Lippy Brown says:

    Hey girl, one of your other posts says that your soon-to-be ex reads this. You need to be careful about what you post online. EVERYTHING is subject to becoming part of your divorce and custody procedures. Trust me, I know. And if you want to talk, private message me, email me or call me.
    BTW, I do enjoy your writing. It’s amusing, and I think you have a good knack for it.

  3. d r wolf says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha did you ever find out who told them this ?

    • Nope. It doesn’t matter. Was funny as can be.

      • If you have been separated for 3 yrs and has gnoruds for filing this divorce petition, then he will have to fight you in court if he does not agree. Usually the only one who petitioned for the divorce needs to attend the hearing, but in your case, your ex spouse might be present too or at least to be represented by his lawyer because he will want to oppose to it. He is likely to give his reasons for the objection during the hearing and you might not be able to get your Decree Nasi, which others would normally get during this hearing.

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