This is the shit that pisses me off

You know how they say family will always be there for you?

Well it’s a crock of shit depending on what family members you are talking about.  I know outside family sees Walt differently than us insiders.  Get over it.  Auntie Jane doesn’t read my blog anymore.  Truth hurts and that was just about her brother.  Maybe she’s afraid I will write about her…

Not only is my father forcing my mother to move to Shippensburg, he is pushing at least 3 of his 4 children so far away from him that he might as well move to China.  We don’t want to speak to Walt and he knows it.  He doesn’t think he is “Sam’s best friend” anymore.

Us three, who have been very active in our mothers life, (and I can speak for us 3 we are in agreement) we don’t want her to move at all.

Now I learn from Mom, that Walt is using Delauter’s A1 Moving Helpers to move them to Shippensburg, PA.  That is near the moon in my eyes…Sam’s and Susan’s eyes also.

We want mom to stay here.  Until the house sells, I’m not sure why Walt is taking everything and moving.

Dear ole Walt uses the moving company that his daughter is half owner of knowing the disaster divorce she is involved in with the other owner…you know…even if it’s for free it pisses me off.  Because everything that needs to be taken care of, before anyone will buy the house, has been paid for with Sam’s money.  I’m not saying Sam is great with handling his money.  Sam needs to tear up this power of attorney Dad has for him.  Sam asked me in the past to be his POA and I said yes.  Suddenly Walt took Sam and became the POA.

Sam needs a POA that is in his best interest.  Not Walt.

It’s a huge disaster in Crider land and we each have our own little mess.  Suz needs to get a job asap, but has been with mom everyday while she recovers from bowel surgery.  I would be very sore if someone cut part of my bowels away.

This was a minor surgery in my Mom’s world.  I love my mom like you wouldn’t believe….she was a great mom while I was growing up.  I have amazing memories with my mom, my friends from school, the neighbors….Dolores Theresa Crider also known as Lorrie, was the bomb as a mom.  Funny, pretty, cooked everyday, loved my friends, was easy to get along with and had a wonderful laugh.  She is still that woman, but very worn down over the years.  Not only her body, but her sense of self.  Walt will do that to a person.  She should have left years ago….but she didn’t and now she feels she can’t.  It doesn’t have anything to do with love.  She said he came back from Vietnam a different man.  End of story.  She filled her life with her children….Walt was there while we grew up.  Mom wanted us around….Walt, not so much.


It seems as though Walt and John have to be buddies.  They are both so self-centered it’s no wonder they still chat.  John doesn’t do things for free.  Hell I had to pay the company to move Tesla and me!  John wanted me to pay cash….there’s a post about it somewhere.  I wound up writing a check to the company and not the employee who worked for me with the move.

Ok, I’m calmer now.  Edit, post…call Mom back.

The two main men I am tied to are royal pain in the ass.


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