Amish Mafia’s Esther and Mirkat living in anything but harmony

After vicious beating, Amish Mafia’s Esther and boyfriend living together; police called twice – LancasterOnline: Local News.

I don’t believe in blaming the victim but I already said once that this man isn’t going to change. I’ve been in this situation and know, no matter how many times they say they are sorry, they won’t do it, or say it, or scream it again, they will.

Esther you are blocking the wrong person, unless you only block me because you don’t want to read or hear the truth.

1. Amish Mafia is fake.

2. Mirkat is abusive.

Why would you go back with a man who beat the shit out of your face? Why would you set that kind of an example to your children?

Get away from him before you’re dead. That’s the advice I was given when I was in a bad relationship, and I TOOK it.


The Amish Queen Esther and her Rapper Man

Esther has been flying low on the radar since her Twitter account was suspended.  Don’t worry, she started another!  (I’m officially blocked, though I did have a brief follow.)  Her maybe boyfriend, Mirkat also has me blocked but no worries, I have plenty of people who fill in the blank spaces.

On September 16th Mirkat celebrated Esther and her mom making him lunch. I would assume this means mom is okay with Esther’s fondness of the badass rapper.  The one that she recently pressed charges against for domestic violence.  Must be all smoothed over now.

  1. Mirkat ‏@TheRealMirkat 16 Sep

Esther and her mom made me lunch how sweet!

Today this was sent to me through Facebook.  Again, I’m assuming the gentleman Esther was with at Park City, was again, the rapper that tweets about her.


See, this assures me that Esther and Levi won’t be hooking up on the show.  Well, I mean they might hook-up on the show, but it’s all fake.  But we know it’s all fake now, right?  I can’t help but wonder….what does Levi’s REAL girlfriend think of all this love acting?

Can’t wait for Season 3!

Stayed tuned, especially during the off-season!  I always have info flowing.


Can’t Get Enough? More Amish Mafia

Amish Mafia

What ya gonna do when they come for you?

What ya gonna do when they come for you?

What’s that you say?  Amish Mafia is fake?  Well outten the light, I’m in shock.

It doesn’t matter if the skirmishes are re-enacted from past events.  It doesn’t matter if the skirmishes are made up from scratch.  What matters is the entertainment value found within the show highlighting a town I could drive to in less than an hour.

Lebanon Levi, Esther, John, Merlin, Jolin, Allen and the rest of the cast: I don’t care if the show is scripted.  I get a kick out of seeing an area I recognize combined with outrageous antics involving horse and buggies, hookers and very scary guns.  They are all on Twitter #Amishmafia     Find them.  Brush up on your Pennsylvania Dutch.

If you haven’t tuned in to the Discovery Channel to check out Lancaster, PA and its “mafia” you better do so soon.  If not, they might come looking for you!

Seen the show?  What do you think?

Maybe Dutch Wonderland will have a surge in attendance…just add an Amish Mafia ride.


UPDATE: I’ve emailed The Discovery Channel about covering their show as part of my Creative Non-Fiction course and my junior internship in Professional Writing.  I just received an amazing Canon Rebel T3 for Christmas and would love to take photos….Lancaster is just a hop-skip and jump away…

More written this this original post.

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