Dear Dale II~Update

Me N U

Dear Dale,

   Hi honey!  You are off working on someone’s computer and I am home goofing off on Facebook.  You know how much I love Facebook.  With Tesla at her dad’s house for the weekend, I had some time to think about what all is going on in my life. (and now on vacation with Heather and kidlings in Erie.  Tesla said they went to church.  Seriously, church.)

   You are an amazing man.  I enjoy your company so much and we never have a shortage of things to talk about.  The more I learn about your childhood and how you managed to survive a hit and run accident in the parking lot of a church in York, the more amazed I become.  You at one point were in a coma for 6 weeks, then woke up.  Unable to do anything yourself you care fell into the hands of your brother. 

  You survived and did what the doctors said you would never do; talk, walk, see, hear….live.  No one expected you to make it baby, especially the woman who gave birth to you.  Thank God for the people who did look out for you because your mother was worthless and took all the money you received, letting you with nothing.

   But you had something sweetheart that she couldn’t take from you and that is determination.  I like your determination in living.  Not just living, but enjoying life.  Taking each day and being grateful to have others in their life to share in times of joy and during times when things just suck.

Dale Hollinger, you work hard at helping people get their computers fixed.  Your customers are always satisfied.  If you have a COMPUTER need, contact Dale at jerks on Craigs list flag his ads everyday.  Maybe my blog will get around those assholes.  🙂  LOL

Dale is the man!

   Things are a bit off in my world and I know if affects your world too.  I think you are wonderful and I look forward to our relationship growing.  A new, healthy, loving relationship is what I want in life.  A man who has my trust and my back. 

My pc is down, can you take a house call?


Dear Dale

Dear Dale,

You have treated my daughter and I with kindness that I would have never expected.  While you were married to my sister, Suz’s, highschool best friend, I had never met you.  Even, your cousin, Joey Keefer, was my friend and neighbor.  Was that confusing?

Joey and I chatted about you and he put in very good words for.  “It’s amazing he’s alive!” he said.  “I remember when we were kids and he was hit by that car.  He turned out to be a great guy.”

I told Joey about meeting you and how you are helping me get settled in.  He said, “That doesn’t surprise me.  Dale’s like that to people he feels close to.”

I am like that with people I care about, and I care about you very much.  You are a brave man not only for wanting to be involved in helping me with life, but wanting to be in my life.  Unfortunately, there is a rather large problem.  I can’t get divorced from John, or at least that is how it feels.  This divorce issue has been dragging my life out for too long.

What I can do, is show my daughter the proper way to build a relationship.  My answer to your question “if you could marry me, would you?” is yes.  I would.  That’s the great news!! 🙂   The bad news is, I actually have to wait until I’m divorced.  So while I’m waiting, and paying my rent, we have time to get to know each other.

Right now honey, you are the sweetest man I ever met and don’t get frustrated when I keep you from helping me even more.  I can do this, but I appreciate your help.  Maybe in less than a year we could move in together, we just have to be patient!

Not “John’s Good Girl” for much longer, (especially if I agree to get that covered up by your tattoo friend)




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