Can’t sleep~too many naps

Yes I know.  It’s my own fault.  I napped in the library on the ugly green couch and dozed off reading a short story on my comfy red couch.  It happens.

Now I can’t sleep and the wheels in my head are turning, unlike the wheels on my car.  I must fix my car and hopefully, I can.  That 1992 Honda Accord must last at least two more years minimum.  Even longer if possible since my credit is shot in the ass and the chances of getting a loan for even a used car are slim to none.

How ironic that John just bought another truck.  I guess Kelly was up his ass to get her name off the truck she bought with him.  You know, back when they were SO in love and life was grand.  Like the ten grand she dropped on renovating the house.  That worked out good for Heather you know.  She has twice as many kids as Kelly so the renovations really made moving in with John a no-brainer.  Just add house and instant family!

Back to the truck…The only reason John would get rid of the truck he had, all blinged out with Delauter’s A1 Moving Helpers on the windows, would be because Kelly and him had it titled together.  So yeah, that pisses me off.  Why does Kelly get to free her name up from that jackass and I don’t?  I can not wait for our divorce to go before the divorce master.  It’s impossible not to see the delay is because he doesn’t want to or can’t settle up what he started.  Don’t file for divorce if your bark turns into a whimper and you piss on yourself rolling onto your back.  Unless you mean to piss on yourself…Hey to each their own.

So I will work on my car today.  I watched YouTube videos on how to remove the master fuel fuse whatcha-ma-call-it and how to repair it with the solder thinger.  It has been years since I soldered but I’m sure it’s like riding a bike.  Speaking of bike, I am hoping for nice weather so I can ride my cycle to school.  Riding is fun and I really enjoy it.  My Harley is one thing I’d like to keep post divorce.  Of course, John’s name is on the title also.  He is SO about having joint accounts.  Hell, his first wife is still on the title to his Harley.  How’s all that joint account shit working out for you now John?  Not so great I bet.  Trust me, the feeling is mutual.

I thought writing might tire me out.  It’s not working…and the tires on my car are starting to look bare, like my checking account.  No worries though.  I’ll get through.  It’s not like the day my Mercedes was repossessed.  No one is taking my Honda away, or my Harley.  I just fixed my Harley so I’m feeling confident.  At least until I pull the bottom of my dashboard off.  🙂

Seriously, Dale and I just finished fixing all the rust spots that plague Honda’s so  it has to run again.  All that bondo can not go to waste.  The grinding and mixing and sanding and sweating and blood it took to make it pass inspection must prevail!  Maybe I should have just let it rust.  I show it some love and attention and it just lets me sit.  At least I was close to home and not in say….Georgia.

I’ll figure something out, I always do.


Hoping to see Tesla on Wednesday.  I have asked several times now…


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