Great Dish to take to a Cookout~Veggie Tray with Coconut

Here is a healthy, pretty, take-along side for any cookout you are invited to attend and bring a dish.

One coconut

Bag of baby carrots

Green Pepper

Red Pepper


Tools to make your tray pretty:

Knife, veggie peeler, crinkle cutter, disposable tray

Click the first picture and follow along in the open gallery.  🙂  ~P.

Cheese steak with peppers, onions and rainbow sprinkles

Every now and then I get inspired to do something strange with dinner.  It could be serving it in an unusual way (ie: not paper plates) or throw in an unusual ingredient to give it zing or pretty color.  What can I say?  The sprinkles were calling me while I made cheese steak sandwiches!

Add sprinkles to your life!  Color  is fun 🙂

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