Living through a pandemic. All of us.

Would have never thought I would experience something, like this illness, that is having such a tremendous impact on the world. I’m sick, again. Already had Covid in October 2020, after returning from a 50th birthday trip to Las Vegas. I jumped off the Stratosphere, zipped lined over Freemont Street and picked up Covid. Happy 50th to me.

I’ve been vaccinated, and had my booster. I know, I’m one of the lucky ones that is not real sick. And, I am not as sick as I was the first time around. (so far, anyway) Compared to others, I’m doing great. There are several people I know that are sick, or got sick, and were not vaccinated. My brother is one of them. Now he’s willing to get vaccinated after his waiting period.

Some of those people I knew, did not survive. It breaks my heart.

I had to insist my daughter get vaccinated. Her father felt the opposite.

She’s been off school after a positive test, and though she could return today, according to CDC guidelines, I did not send her. She was up and ready to leave for school, but her father did not want her returning to his house for his week, because he didn’t want Covid coming right through the door. (Neither did I, but she didn’t know she had it when she came home.) I didn’t speak to him about it, but I kept her home. If he doesn’t feel safe having her go to his house, then I am not sending her to school with all those students and staff. Nothing to discuss. I feel we need to protect each other more.

When is the end for Covid? Remember the 24hr flu? Now, it’s the 365 day flu.

With no end in sight.



  1. Anonymous says:

    hope you feel better soon!!! I have watched you grow from a college student to a vibrant, mature woman. bravo. I can remember back before “buster”, before “champagne and balloons” all the way back to Gordon. what a trip. all the best to you.

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