Eat them normal, you freak.

I just screamed at my husband to get the fuck out of my art room. He’s walking around, eating peanut butter filled pretzels, but he can’t eat one like a normal person. He has to bite one end, then try to suck the peanut butter out. I suppose it’s his version of splitting an Oreo and eating out the creamy center, but it’s my version of hell. I don’t want the crumbs, crunching or sucking noises in my room while I’m trying to write! He’s lucky he’s cute.

What I really wanted to blog about is why it’s December 14th, and I haven’t even brought the Christmas decorations down from the attic. (or had someone go for me!) Last year, I had my tree up before Thanksgiving. I was bored, and hadn’t left home in ages. The lockdown of 2020. The slowest year of my life, which was followed by the quickest, 2021.

Anyone else feel like 2021 flew by in a desperate attempt to put 2020 as far in the past as possible? And now, here we are 11 days from Christmas. Once Christmas day comes and goes, also at lightening speed, the New Year will arrive. I don’t think I’m going to drag all the decorations downstairs. I just don’t have the motivation to open all those boxes, knowing I have to take all that shit down next year. See, I’m actually PLANNING ahead. I’ll just stick to buying a live, potted tree that we will plant in the spring. It can only be in the house about a week, so tomorrow, we tree shop.

After a very simple post on Facebook that I’m Grinchy, I’ve learned I am not alone. Many of my friends have no tree or decorations.

Hey, we’re all planning ahead.



  1. Merry Christmas!!enjoy ….you were always the most positive and upbeat person I knew….

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