Opinions: everyone has them

I read something yesterday that at first really didn’t bother me that much.

I’m very involved in social media because it allows me to be social with friends and family and stay in touch.

So what bothered me, after thinking about it all day, was my third cousin’s post about being old-fashioned in the sense that he doesn’t believe in…hold on, I’ll just copy his post.

“Sorry but I’m old fashioned. I have a right to my opinions. I don’t believe there should be public breastfeeding or gay marriage. Everyone has their opinion and I respect that. Just don’t put down my opinion because you don’t agree with it. And I won’t put down yours. Simple as that”

Pattie Crider I don’t let either bother me. Has nothing to do with being old -fashioned, more open minded. I’ve been judged, I don’t judge.

Ok, my third cousin gets to have his opinion and I am more than fine with him sharing it on Facebook, but I would like to point out a few things to him.

First, you’re 19, not married, without kids, working in the family business and living at home. (I think I got that all right, not that you’ll probably read this) And you are a redneck, just as I am.

Second, when you’re not the things I just mentioned (except perhaps the family business and redneck part) you might feel differently.

Now I base this reasoning on how much I’ve changed over the years. I am much less judgmental then I was at 19. Notice I say “much less” because I’m still judgmental. Everyone is judgmental, you can’t escape it.

I never hid from my family, or anyone for that matter, that I was in a relationship with a woman for a long time. I’d say around 3 years of my life. We walked in public holding hands, did activities as a couple including going to my family events when we were “permitted” to attend. Sometimes I wasn’t invited or if I was, it was just me and I chose not to attend. Some of my family REALLY held it against me, others didn’t seem to care. Clearly I have chosen to marry a man and live as husband and wife and not have any involvement with anyone else, male or female.

So I chose men, specifically one man, to have physical relations with for the rest of my life.  Would I have married my now ex-girlfriend had it been legal? Probably. Good it wasn’t legal for me at least, because divorces aren’t cheap and I know now I was in a wrong relationship. It was wrong for me because I’m not a lesbian. If lesbians want to get married and it’s legal, feel free. Same with men. Not my business to judge them. God will do that in the long run.

Now for the breastfeeding in public, my very sweet, nice guy, third cousin; babies need to eat and sometimes it happens to be in public. Should women have their boob out, all making it dramatic, and showy? No, that’s just ridiculous. Feed the baby with a light blanket over them and all is good in the world. The baby gets warm, easy access, healthy milk and no one ever notices. Someday, if you have kids (and I hope they are not homosexual because you obviously might have an issue with that), you’ll appreciate the availability of the milk that comes free from a mother. Breastfeeding is natural and not something that should be found on a no-no list.

Just my opinion,



  1. well said, many valid points

  2. Hi Patty!

    Great article! You are so right. It’s keeping an open mind to everything in this world. Just because you don’t agree with something doesn’t mean it’s wrong in someone else’s world. I was always told “Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and most of them stink!”. Pretty much says it all!.

    But very good article!

    Tom Miles Dover Paranormal Research Team

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  3. Lots of common sense here……..who can complain about that? We hear lots of whining about breast feeding discrimination but i think that is pure fiction. Even hereditary red necks , like most of us in the midwest, do not have an issue with breast feeding but we do have issues with the attention seekers when they whine about their rights. Am so tired of that subject. As for gay marriage, who died and left me the right to pass judgement? I can not believe this should be voted on…constution already addressed it. Gay, straight, black, white, red necks, liberal red necks, regardless…. we are all created equal. No argument from me…….

  4. Anonymous says:

    As a child, I was always told that everyone is entitled to their opinion. The world is very different from 1962 when I was born. But, I believe that people have a right to live how they want to live their life.

  5. Amanda Reed says:

    Well said my dear cousin. I just have to say being a server for nearly 20 years, breast feeding in public is never an issue. Now, mind you breast feeding needs to be consistand all the time not only for baby but for Mom’s supply. I agree he is only 19 years old in all but this to me is simple ignorance.
    Furthermore, I’n not gay never have been but i have people that are dear to that are. With that said, Ill read your posts about br conservitive blah blah whatever,, but im pritty sure the conservitive party would not support raciest behavior, but if you say somthing like this to me or to my company that may be gay or black or whatever, hell no im am not hearing that, id express my opinion then and i promise id set you straight, Move forward. focus on goal and views of your own and stop thinking you are the Alpha and Omega because in my opinion we are all God’s children and he is the only judge so be a free spirt. YOU KNOW THAT SAYING LIVE LAUGH love right. P.S. My livingroom lamps say that..Ha ha

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