What was Esther Schmucker doing on Mother’s Day?


Every now and then I check-in on my buddy Esther’s Facebook Page. See what she’s up to and all. It’s been pretty dry lately, no mention of what she’s been sewing or baking. I scrolled down to see if she made any type of particularly moving post on Mother’s Day because while mothers were celebrating, Esther was busy becoming a third time mom.

On Mother’s Day, Esther became mom to “Baby C” a girl, but she hasn’t mentioned her and Mirkat’s arrival yet. I’m not sure what’s she’s waiting for. I’ve known she’s pregnant, but I guess this is even more top secret than Levi having an English girlfriend and a baby girl named Lyndon. I’ve seen a picture of Lyndon. ADORABLE!!!!! But I don’t think I’ll be seeing a photo of Baby C.

So what about Esther’s other two children? Teenager “J” is in ND living with his dad who DID NOT rape Esther (I mean, would send your son to live with your former rapist?) and her daughter “A” is living with her paternal grandma.


Wow, the cameras really ought to still be on Esther. She’s living on a crazy coaster.

Will she actually raise this baby? What’s up with her and Mirkat? They together? Going to do the family thing until he decides to beat the crap out of her again? It’s a true life soap opera.

I bet she still owes people cookbooks and aprons.




  1. Conrad Collins says:

    Ya know what? In the overall scheme of things, the whole Amish Mafia gig is somewhat sad. The series has been over for a few months now, and everybody has to more or less, settle back into stone cold reality. Their 15 minutes, having come and gone, now everybody concerned has to realize that it’s over and done with, and all things revert back to everyday life. Which has to be somewhat of a “let down.”

    The general public can be a fickle bunch, and now that it’s over, entertaining that it was, will soon be forgotten, if not already. The only cure for the 15 minutes, is a 16th minute, and that’s why I don’t think that we have heard the last of this bunch. Once bitten with the fame bug, it’s really hard just to fade away, and become just another “nobody.” Not to mention all the perks that came with it.

    Whether Esther screwed the pooch or not, per se, is somewhat irrelevant. What do you do for an encore? You write a “tell all” book and hope like hell there is some interest. Unlike Levi’s book, if she does, I’m fairly sure that this one would be far more indicting of the series, as opposed to Stoltzfus’ book describing Amish life in general. Barring any potential lawsuits from either Hot Snakes or Discovery, that’s the book that I would want to read, and Esther being as pissed off as she (apparently) is, I suggest that she would pull no punches.

    Any way that you stack it up, and with whatever connections were made between Beiler and Evangelista aren’t about to just fade away. Therefore, I don’t think that we have heard the last of this bunch, one way or the other. Come Spring / Summer of 2016, I am betting that there is going to be “Amish Mafia…..The Next Generation”, or something thereof….

    In conclusion, I only have one question: Who the hell was Susanna? I couldn’t track her down with the exception that she was from Holmes County OH, and worked in a few dive bars in that area. They should have expanded her role in A.M, as she was the only thing worth watching at the end.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I believe we will be seeing more of something AMISH MAFIA related. Love your view, it’s what I’ve been thinking also.

    • Conrad Collins says:

      If I had to hazard a guess, the next version of A.M. would focus on Mary’s bariatric surgery / weight loss, as she stated intentions of doing so. Mary and Merlin would be the central characters, with a dose of Levi Stoltzfus, now shunned, trying to re-establish his empire in Lancaster. With Beiler already in control, that would lead to somewhat a of civil war in central Pennsylvania.

      Enter Paul Castline, who if hasn’t lost his constable status by now, turning rogue, with plans of his own.

      I suppose that we will see in about a year from now.

  3. Awww! I want to see a pic of Levi’s little girl lyndon! Where can fans see a pic?

  4. Conrad Collins says:

    I’m somewhat surprised that you didn’t have a write-up about the Dr. Phil show somewhere around the 13th of May. Lebanon Levi, Merlin Miller and Dena (aka schmearface) were on the show, having at it concerning Levi’s book. Not to mention other issues, but I look at it as further proof that the show isn’t exactly dead in the water just yet.

    • Sadly I didn’t get to see Levi on the Dr. Phil show. I will see Levi in September and buy his book. I’ve heard all kind of things about Esther but she’s yesterday’s news. Thanks for stopping by Conrad!

      • Conrad Collins says:

        It’s on youtube for anybody who cares to watch. Actually, I didn’t know about it until last week while at the Chrysler nationals in Carlisle. It made for some interesting watching, albeit for the life of me, I really don’t understand why they were on the Dr. Phil. show. If you could read between the lines, you got the impression that something is in the works.

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