I Hit the Lottery


It’s been an exhausting day. Not so much physically as mentally.

My morning began with learning a new job at work. I’m all about learning at work because I like where I work. It’s less than 15 minutes from home, I make my own schedule, my boss is super cool and the employees are really nice people. I guess the downside of my job is I don’t get paid as much as I’m worth, but hey, the rest makes up for it. I figure until my boss ready to retire I’ll have learned enough to just move my office one door down to his. LOL

So while learning a new job, I received horrible, news. A mother and daughter that work in the plant lost their son/brother last night. I was told he was 29 and his girlfriend had broken up with him. He left his sons with his dad and then went home and took his life. I was shocked and felt so bad for the whole family. They are really nice people and being a mom/sister myself, I nearly began to cry. I’m praying for the family.

Brian finally got the official, “you got the job” notice today. There is SO much that needs done before taking a job as a police officer. He starts next week and I couldn’t be prouder of him. The chief of police asked him to submit a resume for the position so we knew if he interviewed he would be offered the position as supervisor. I shit you not, I hit the lottery marrying this awesome man.

So it’s been an up and down day, but any day I’m still alive and kicking is a good day.

Now, we’re heading over to my Cousin Amy’s house to visit. Tesla and Haley love hanging out.

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Thanks, you rock.



  1. Anonymous says:

    up and down

  2. Malinda says:

    Up and Down

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