An Amish Mafia Spin-off??

You know what tonight is, don’t you?!  AMISH MAFIA NIGHT!!!!

I’m hanging on every episode now that it’s drawing to an end.  Counting tonight, there are 4 episodes left! Will there be a spin-off? Will Lebanon Levi be part of it?

Maybe Mary and Crazy Merlin will get their own show called Soaking Amish where they dig deeper into the sexual mystery that is Mary. Maybe Levi and Merlin could compete for Levi’s love! Heck, I’m betting she could make both of them happy, but they might need a bigger buggy for road trips.

Ok, so maybe there won’t be a love triangle. It’s a stretch, but isn’t Amish Mafia?

So here’s a little slice of reality for you. I happen to like Levi. Yeah, the surprises never end around here.

I spent a ridiculous amount of time, back when they had the Twitter buggy races, voting for Levi. I even got a t-shirt with a thank you for supporting his virtual race. Not from Levi, of course, but from Discovery Channel.

I think Levi is a good man and I have a lot of respect for him as a volunteer firefighter. In fact, if you want to show Levi you support him on the show and at the very same time, help him raise money for local charities and support places like the Nepture Volunteer Fire Company in Richland, PA.  Go to Ebay and buy one of his t-shirts or bumper stickers because ALL of the money goes directly to charities. It’s not written on the ebay site, but I know it for a fact. If you don’t believe me, ask him on Twitter @Lebanonlevireal.

Here’s the link to the t-shirt.

Levi tshirt

and the bumper sticker.


If an item isn’t listed by “amay-things” it’s not supporting the fire company or any charities.

See you all at 9 on Twitter!


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