Graduating 25 years after high school


When I started York College of Pennsylvania four years ago, graduation in 2014 seemed like an eternity away. Now I feel like my four years at YCP flew by. I’ve had the most amazing experience going to college as an adult rather than right out of high school. I believe attending as an adult made me try much harder to achieve a high GPA and I truly believe my dedication to making high grades kept my mind off the fact that I was struggling to get through a long, ugly divorce process lasting six years. Now, to my delight, both have come to an end. I finished my last college course last week and the week before my divorce was finalized! Now I can focus on writing my story about life lived with a narcissist. This blog has followed the process of divorce, the book will be about what life was like. I’m not looking to villainize my ex or portray myself as a helpless victim. I will write this book so that others know the signs, and possibly, I can help one person realize the traits of a narcissist before they say “I do.”

The title of my future book I Used to Drive a Mercedes.

For now I drive a 1992 Honda Accord and celebrate having a wonderful man in my life and an earned degree.

The worst is over,




  1. Wow, narcissism jumped out at me here. I had the same thing with my ex. It seems to run in her family line somehow, as her father was quite the narcissist as well. They can really trash your life if you let them, eh? 17 years we were together, and it took me a bit after leaving to begin to find myself again, but man does it feel good. I know you know that feeling. Weight off of your shoulders. Realizing you aren’t all of those things that the other would have, and did have, you believe. Finding that you can be loved for simply being yourself. That you have self worth; more than you were ever allowed to believe. No longer being trapped under their thumb. It’s just the most freeing thing I have ever experienced, and I can relate well.
    I also find it amazing that so many people our age have had nearly the same experience. Most of the woman I have dated, when they explained their ex, I would call it out, including the woman I am dating now who is amazing, and I simply cannot believe anyone would try to hold them down.
    I’m glad you are free now, because I know how amazing that feeling is. I always like to find a good side of everything, so here it is. You, and I, and others like us, shoot for the moon once free, and we get there. The resolve, due I believe to the lost time, the wasted years, is so overwhelming that we simply cannot, and will not fail any longer.

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