Of Conversation

A contemporary look at how women might converse online as a group in comparison to the rhetoric of Madeliene de Scudery in the 17th Century.

Response 16

Women Messaging as a Group 

Tina: Finally, chat time with my peeps! I struggled through a weekend visit of the in-laws. They are so opinionated and they only find faults my attempts to please them.

Lucy: Oh girl, I hear that! I dread visits from my hubby’s family. My father-in-law is an ass-chasing piece of work.

Lisa: Last time my in-laws visited, I seriously considered poisoning their food but was afraid one of the kids might eat off their plate.

Tina: LOL @Lisa.  That is just wrong!

Lucy: Baahahaha, but we’ve all had those poisoning fantasies, especially at holiday meals. I feel like my father-in-law is constantly leering at me.

Lisa: A slow poisoning would be ideal.  Make them suffer for a few hours, so I can enjoy it.

Tina: Remind me to never piss you off Lisa.

Lisa: I would never poison anyone but I can fantasize. My father-in-law is a defense lawyer and his dinner stories make me sick.  He represents these scumbags, knowing they are guilty but happy to take their money.

Lucy: Oh, that is terrible. I’ve never liked lawyers so I’m sure I wouldn’t like your father-in-law. He doesn’t look at you like a piece of meat does he?

Lisa: No, thank God. I think he might be a closet case to be honest. His wife is beautiful, but he shows no interest in her.  She is always boo-hooing to me that they don’t have sex and all he wants to do is hang at that new “men’s only” gym.

Tina: OMG, you mother-in-law talks sex with you? Eeeeek!

Lucy: Maybe he has a secret lover at the gym! A work-out buddy, know what I mean?!

Lisa: Stop it…you’re both making me feel sick to my stomach! I’m just glad they only visit every few months.

Tina: Consider yourself lucky. Mine are over nearly every weekend.

Lucy: If I had to wear pants and a turtleneck every weekend just to keep my father-in-laws eyes off my ass and boobs I would lose it. I’ve even mentioned to my husband that his dad is ogling me and he says it’s all in my head.

Lisa: What a jerk! How can’t he notice?

Lucy: Probably because his eyes are too focused on whatever football game is on the tv.

Tina: Men! We only need them to make babies, after that I wonder what good they are.

Lisa: They certainly aren’t any good for conversation. If Rick utters three words during dinner it’s a miracle. I’m surprised he breathes between stuffing bites of food into his mouth.

Tina: Does he chew with his mouth open?

Lisa: Yes!  How did you know?

Tina: Cause that’s when he breathes.


Lisa: Toooooo funny Tina…and probably true. It was good chatting with yous, I gotta go do the dishes.

Tina: Ok hon, you have fun with that.  Wash them in your skivvies while you can.

Lisa: My luck, the pervert would show up and just walk in, catching me in the act of washing dishes in Victoria’s Secrets.

Lucy: You two crack me up.  Chat with you later!  Oxox

Tina: Wear footie pj’s and you’ll never have to worry.

Lisa: That’s not a bad idea.  I can’t think of anything less sexy! Good night ladies!

Tina: Good nite luvs!


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