A Message from President Gunter-Smith

This is a copy of an email sent to the YCP community.  I really like our new president because she is so involved around campus, popping up when you least expect her and always happy to talk one on one. Her response to yesterday’s robbery shows me just how concerned she is for the students and staff at YCP.

Our new president: Pamela Gunter-Smith

Our new president: Pamela Gunter-Smith

To the York College Community:

Two members of our campus community were robbed at gunpoint early this morning in front of Northside Commons. I wanted to express, on behalf of York College, my relief that neither was physically injured during this very disturbing incident.

My message to all of you is one of concern and reassurance. All of us here at York College are committed to making student safety our top priority; we will take the necessary steps to try to prevent such incidents from happening.

I met this morning with our Campus Safety Director and Dean of Campus Operations to be briefed on the details of this incident. I subsequently asked them to prepare for me a plan of possible steps that can be taken immediately to increase the level of security on our campus and in our community in light of this incident.

As a result, we have initiated the following steps:

1.   We have authorized overtime for the Campus Safety professionals to work additional hours on second and third shifts for increased visibility and perimeter patrol.

2.   We have contracted with SCHAAD Detective officers to have four persons on campus from 8 pm to 4 am in the three kiosks at Newberry Street, Grantley Road, and Richland Avenue, as well as a marked car with foot patrol in the vicinity of Northside Commons.

3.   Campus Safety is cooperating with Spring Garden Township Police and has turned over our camera footage of the incident.

4.   Ed Bruder, Director of Campus Safety, is talking with the York City Police in the southwest neighborhood office to assure they are aware of our plans and increased patrols.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions or need additional information.  Report suspicious activity or persons immediately to Campus Safety at 717-815-1314.  If you have information that may be helpful to this investigation, contact Campus Safety as well.

The safety of our students and community is our first priority.  We are taking steps necessary to make our campus as safe as possible.  I ask you to join us in this effort.  Please continue to be diligent and aware of your surroundings, walk in groups in well-lighted areas, avoid alleys and shortcuts, report any suspicious activities, and do not carry large sums of money or valuables on your person.

Pamela Gunter-Smith

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