Gravestones at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church~New Bridgeville, PA

I had some free time and find cemetery’s interesting places.  This cemetery was at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, just outside of Craley.  These towns are small, blink and you miss them!

A little country church

A little country church


The gravestone dated back to the 1800’s.  Some may have been older, but the inscriptions were worn away.  The ones etched in German were especially interesting, as I tried reading bits and pieces on the stones.  Many of the stones were broke, I don’t know if this happened naturally, by accident or by vandalism.  Broken tombstones makes feel angry and sad.  Angry that someone may have intentionally broken it, and sad that this personal artifact of the person buried below, was knocked down.

Click the first thumbnail to open the photo gallery.  ~P.


  1. This church is St. Luke’s church, my grand parents are buried in this cemetery. I grew up on Greenbranch Road near Shenberger’s a Chapel, it was destroyed by a fire some years ago.

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