Rail Trail in York, PA

My dear friend from high school, Beth Fike (Lightner) asked if I ever rode my bike on the rail trail.  I had not, so we made half-ass plans last night to go this morning.  Beth was the only one really prepared at 9 am, Dale and I were just winging it.

Some pictures on the way to the trail:

Remember when this was McDonald's?

Beth gets our bikes down.

Beth gets our bikes down.

We started riding just off of Richland Avenue.  There was quite a bit of activity-walkers, joggers and bicyclists.  Ages ranged from babies in strollers to active senior citizens.  Beth, Dale and I were just trying to not wreck our bikes.  Dale’s bike has some serious gear issues, making this 4 mile total trip very difficult.  The trail is shaded and the scenery is over-all, pleasant.  The people we passed said hello, good morning or at least nodded if their ears were plugged with an electronic gadget.  I ran into a musical friend of the family, Lori Yost, and recognized her.  She couldn’t get over that I remembered her and her parents.  Gene and Esther Yost are doing well, still love Bluegrass music.  😉

There are many turns on the trail due to roads.  The weren’t any active trains (the weeds growing through the tracks and the “Derail Ahead” signs gave it away) in the area.  I said to Beth, “If the tracks aren’t being used, why don’t they recycle them?”  Beth’s answer was simple, “then it wouldn’t be a rail trail.”

Good point,


Click on the first thumbnail to see what I discovered on the rail trail in York, PA.

Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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