Microwaving Ivory

So my friend Jen said, “Microwave Ivory soap, it’s really cool.”  I gave her a look of, “you’re messing with me right?”

She continued, “I’m not going to tell you what it does but after you mic it, add a little water and food coloring, and make your own cut out soap bars.”

This is how I did it.  Take one bar of Ivory (must be Ivory soap) and microwave it on a plate or in a bowl.

Add some food color (or in my case blue shampoo) and mash it back together.  It will be HOT so be careful.  In hind site, I recommend gloves.

Flatten it out (you can’t roll it out, I tried) and press a cookie cutter into it.

Pull away the “scrap edges” and slide a knife under the cookie cutter to break the seal on the table.

Presto!  Your own personal soaps!  Keep mashing and cutting.  My last was just a little ball of light blue ivory.

Very Cool….whoever thought to microwave Ivory must have had too much free time on their hands.

Clean up is easy….just rinse away the soap from the cutters and wipe off the table.

The coolest part is watching it in the microwave!




  1. Yay I made it into your blog lol. I told ya it was pretty cool. I think Tess will love doing this “science” experiment with you.

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