Just too much

You know, I have held back from blogging about the bullshit John and Heather pull concerning my child, but Heather calling Walt, asking to bring Tesla to the hospital where my mom is, and of course him saying it was okay, is just too much.

I was at the pool party at my old home (which I still own, by the way) on Monday and even though Heather consistently had her eye on me, I didn’t say a word.  Even when John came over and informed me there would be no comments about who owns the home, I just said, “Okay.”  I KNOW who owns the home, so I don’t feel the need to comment.   Maybe someday John and Heather will own that house together, but in the meantime, they don’t.

So why Heather feels the need to call Walt and ask if she can come into the hospital with Tesla and her four kids is beyond me, other than to poke me with a sharp stick to say, “Hey, Walt talks to me!  He wants me to come to the hospital with your child.”   I’d prefer not having to talk to Walt so I’m fine with no communication.  But, if John is busy working or building a tree house or a chicken coop  or God knows what, why isn’t Tesla being offered time with me?  John said he would make sure I could see Tesla as much as possible since I will be gone for three weeks in December.  I have yet to believe he meant those words.

Heather drives Tesla and her kids to Shippensburg and Walt takes Tess and one of Heather’s girls up to my mom’s room.  The visit did not go well as the girls would not listen to my mom, running around and making noise.  I am ashamed that Tesla acted that way but I’ve spent time around Heather’s kids and they are on the wild side.  Screamers with a lot of pent up energy.   Ironically, I was told I could not post pictures of Heather’s kids on the Internet, yet Walt did yesterday and so I guess he gets a pass.  “Sam and I don’t want our children exposed on the Internet” were her words to me. (Sam is her ex, now that their divorce is finalized…Lucky him.)  Walt and John are supposedly tight; John was bragging at the pool party  about his father-in-law who plays music.  God, that must have confused the guests.  I mean, is he referring to his girlfriend’s dad?  His wife’s dad?  It doesn’t matter as long as John gets to brag about something.

Why does this piss me off so much…because I am SO fucking over being married to this man and having a father who is just like the man I married.  Talk about being doubly screwed.  I won’t feel the least bit bad when the divorce goes through and John gets a taste of the hand he has dealt me for the years now.  You get what you deserve and karma has a big handful of doo doo for him.

Ok, I feel better,



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