Red Lion PA Splash Pad at Fairmount Park

Fairmount Park Splash Pad, Red Lion, PA

Fairmount Park Splash Pad, Red Lion, PA

Today, my neighbor Deb and I went to Fairmount Park, to the new Splash Pad in Red Lion, PA.  We had my daughter Tesla, nephew Blaine and Deb’s grandson, Tyler, with us.  The Red Lion Borough was awarded a grant from the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources for the amazing improvements made to Fairmount Park.

We arrived at 1 PM and easily found parking behind Kaltreider Library.  Tesla and I changed our clothes in the bathroom.  The bathrooms were clean in my opinion.  The tile floor was wet and had some dirt making its way to the drain, completely understandable in a newly created water park with grass just beginning to grow.  There were some stray pieces of toilet paper on the floor.  That single ply stuff that tends to melt as soon as wet hands touch it.  Most important, the toilets, sinks, water fountains, and baby changing areas were clean.

After settling on a picnic table under the beautiful new pavilion, I began taking pictures and talking to the other parents hanging out watching the children play.  When the water would stop to recycle, all the kids would get quiet.  Once the water came back on, the squeals of delight filled the air and brought smiles to the parent’s faces.

I spoke to Stephanie Henry, a resident of Dallastown.  She said she heard about the comments on the York Daily Record Facebook page but had not read the article personally.  Henry and her family love the water park and stated anyone should be able to bring their children to enjoy the water.  Their concern is that adults will drop children and teens off at the park and let them unattended.  The park rules state all children under 7 must be attended.  Henry is concerned about older kids arriving alone and bullying the younger children.

Russell Keech, of Red Lion, lives in walking distance of the park said he has brought his girlfriend and their young children many times since the park opened and never had any problems.  He is most worried about the park being destroyed .  “If there are large amounts of people here, there won’t be any vandalism.”  Rachelle Zekler and Mindy Radzik, both from Red Lion, joined in the conversation stating in “no way should people outside of Red Lion feel they are not welcome.”

Another Red Lion local, Carla, who asked her last name not be used, stated her biggest concerns are “youth tagging and destroying” the new park.  She also feels parents must watch their children to ensure their safety.  “Watch your kids so they don’t get hurt or hurt someone else.  Kids bump into each other, it just happens.”

I was asked if Red Lion plans to begin charging for entry to the park.  I could not answer that question because I don’t know myself.  To charge for entry would leave a bad taste in people’s mouth.  I was also asked if there was someone on location and I answered, “I don’t believe so because the pad is “unsupervised” according to the sign, though it is being monitored by camera.



During the three hours we were there, I did not see one police officer or cruiser’s presence.  This was disappointing to me.  At least once an hour, a cruiser driving by would at least bring peace of mind that some sort of authority figure was keeping an eye on things in person, and not via a camera monitor.  Even after the park closes for the day, the police should be driving by, ensuring the conditions of this amazing park.

The new playground equipment was also in demand for children wishing to take a break from the water.


Our visit to the Splash Pad was fantastic.  The other families chatted with each other and shared food.  The playground was active with happy children.  No one was smoking in the areas marked “No Smoking” but instead choosing to walk about 25 feet away.  I did not encounter a single bad attitude about residents outside of Red Lion coming to enjoy the park.  To be honest, the Red Lion residents were happy to share this newly granted park with others in the county and proud to have it as part of their community.    ~P.


  1. SAdly I do not think health and safety regulations here would allow this unless it was supervised 😦

  2. Hi, is it possible to use one of your pictures from Fairmount Park Splash Pad, Red Lion, PA ? Thank you

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