Meet Gayathri from India

Gayathri Pediredla  3rd grade

Gayathri Pediredla
In 2012 and now in 3rd grade in 2013

Dale and I have sponsored an orphan in India.  I received a note from her and two pictures.  The orphanage also sent me a bio sheet about this lovely little girl. (

Gayathri Biography 

Date of Birth: September 11, 2004

 Date of Admission: June 14, 2012

 Family Background:

 Gayathrii’s parents were married in 1999 in an arranged marriage.  Her father worked as an auto driver. They had two children. In 2011 her father died from Zodise. Her mother took the children to live with relatives, but on the way Gayathri and her mother were injured from a fall. Her mother injured her spinal cord and her right arm. Gayathri’s foot was damaged. The doctor recommended that Gayathri come to HOINA.

 Gayathri is studying 3rd class at the government school. She likes lions, the color pink, and playing ball. She wants to be a district collector when she is older.

Why did I choose Gaya over all the other children in need of sponsorship?  Because she was born on September 11, 2004.  The same day I met John.  The date caught my eye and her story touched my heart.

Here is my first letter to Gaya.

click here——>Dear Gayathri 1<——–to read.

I can’t wait to meet her in December!


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