Squished Boobies with Silver Ball Nipples

I had my first mammogram today. I knew the squishing part was coming, but the little stickers with the silver ball threw me for a curve. They looked like a small BB or one of those candies on cakes. But could pass as tiny pasties for strippers, that in no way, would cover their nipples.  The nipple stickers were kind of cool, making me feel somewhat sexy, while waiting for the squishing part to begin.

Not very stripper like

Not very stripper like

The tech knew what she was doing, effectively getting my entire breast between two pieces of Plexiglas, and squishing it like a pancake. My temporary nipple jewelry created a marker on the x-ray film.  I was impressed how flat they were for the x-ray process, yet looked so full and huge looking on the film.  Honestly, they looked like large goblets to hold wine in, with  a jewel where the stem would begin to form.

normal mammograms2

So I should hear next week about the mammogram and the results of my LIPIDS test.  I took pictures of my blood draw.  I kind of wish I had taken pictures while the tech was doing the mammogram. I didn’t think of that until I took this picture.

Just one vile today

Just one vial today

Once all the fun activities were done, I walked home.  I rarely walk along Rt 74, too busy for that nonsense. But I didn’t want to bother anyone for a ride back home after Jarrid dropped me off at Wellspan, in  Dover.  On my walk home I picked up things along the road that I thought might flatten a tire, looked unusual, or just amused me.  I did pick up a 5 foot piece of PVC piping and used it as a walking stick.  That worked well and no, I don’t know what I will use the piping for but, I’ll find a use for it.

There were more dead birds along the road than I would have imagined.  Are cars hitting them?  Seemed like an awful lot of rotting birds along the road.

Here are all the things I came across on my walk home.  I’m not sure what everything is, other than a road hazard in West York and Dover.

“You’re welcome” to all vehicular drivers from this area. ~P.

Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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