Philly Family

I wish I could say I know my family in the city as well as I know my family in the country.  But I can’t.

This became apparent when I visited Philly two years ago and wouldn’t have recognized my cousins, with the exception of Eric.  I am closest in age to Eric and have fond memories of when we were kids and would visit him or they would come to the country.  Kind of the country mouse, city mouse story.

My Aunt Peggy (yes, I call her Aunt Peggy, it is a respect thing) loves to have us country folk come visit.  She graciously allowed me to stay with her this past weekend so I could attend the Writers’ Conference.   On the last day we celebrated my cousin Frank’s birthday.  Frank is an absolute card.  Sadly, I barely know him.  My family didn’t want me to leave Philly, but my little girl was anxious to see me back home.  I vowed to them all I would return soon for a visit, where I’m actually there with them and not in a conference room!


Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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