Philadelphia Writers’ Conference~Day 1

Here I am in Philly, awake when I should be sleeping.  My cousin Eric is attempting to park his large, old, and loud truck in a narrow, brick alley.  As kids, I recall spending time with Little Eric, Aunt Peggy (we all called her Aunt Peggy) and Big Eric, my aunt’s husband.  I don’t know what is taking Eric so long to…oh, now I hear him.  I should be sleeping.

It is writer heaven.  People I met at the conference are all in the same field so conversations are easy.  Meeting the editors and agents and seeing their interest in my work is fantastic.  Here is my day in photos after arriving at the conference.  Enjoy! (Click on first picture and the gallery will open)

Excited for day two and it is nearly 4 am.  Must get shut eye!


Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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